We eliminate any barrier and treat you in person or via a screen in the warm comfort and safety of your home for the same great quality appointment

Pelvic Floor – WoMen’s health Physical Therapy

“Dr. Daniela Moise knows how to listen to you, and your body. Actually– she even knows how to listen to your body (through her hands) FOR you! She is so caring, she goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend her for everything that she does! She helped me with post partum pelvic floor therapy. And I can tell you that she knows how to make anyone feel comfortable and easy about things that are usually hard to talk about; Let alone to get that personal with in your lady parts! She really makes something that could otherwise be awkward- just simple, and normal. She knows how to help your body heal itself, helping emotional release along as well as the physical. She is so professional, and yet, I consider her a dear friend after how much she has done for me. She is also constantly expanding her toolkit and techniques. You won’t regret choosing her as your therapist.”
Rachel Sparrow
As you know, most conditions will likely deteriorate without some kind of intervention.


Pelvic floor dysfunctions affect women, men and children globally. 

  • Do you find yourself running to the bathroom  day and night, or planning your life around bathroom trips? Do you experience leaks when you exercise, laugh, etc?
  • Do you want to avoid medication or surgery for your spine, articulation, hysterectomy or prostate?
  • Do you want to enjoy your pregnancy and enhance your natural abilities during delivery, reducing the risk of tissue tearing and the need of medical intervention? Do you want to quickly and safely regain your strength and figure so you can fully enjoy being a parent?
  • Do you want to age with grace and dignity without worrying about having to check into a nursing home because of health issues like uncontrolled bladder or bowel leaking?
  • Do you want to enhance your sports and arts abilities, preventing injuries while embracing your abilities ?
  • Do you avoid physical intimacy?

How we can help

We offer many years of expertise and experience in treating conditions related to pelvic health. We have helped women, men and children with incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, prostate and intimacy dysfunctions, endometriosis and pre/postnatal menopause.  We help patients regain their strength, flexibility, mobility by caring and advocating for their health and healing.

Why choose us?

We provide the utmost comfort in a private setting or in the comfort of your home, in person or over video call.  One on one real time precise personalized treatment, creating a serene environment and eliminating the fear and embarrassment when addressing delicate issues such as pain, discomfort or any others limitations or delays. We advocate for you to live long, pain-free happy lives, free of restrictions. There is beauty in all ages and each stage of life should be enjoyed fully.
I want to express my sincere appreciation for your help and healing. You have a rare and unique gift that this world needs desperately  so many families can benefit from your talent and inspiration. With love, Teresa

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