Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy addresses dysfunctions of the pelvic floor that forms the base of what we commonly call the “core” muscles.

These muscles are responsible for urinary and bowel continence, support our pelvic organs, and provide sexual appreciation. A variety of factors, such as pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, heavy lifting, high impact sports, obesity, aging, and chronic medical conditions, can make the pelvic floor weak or painful. Conditions such as urinary and/or bowel incontinence, constipation, pelvic and/or lower back pain, painful sex, and pelvic organ prolapse can result from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Bladder and bowel symptoms rarely occur in isolation. A full physical examination, including, neurological, abdominal, and vaginal examination must be carry out, along with the patient’s relevant medical and surgical history. This will ensure a thorough evaluation of the current condition for the most accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment. The treatment will be tailored to the patients’ values and goals in order to achieve the best outcome of the treatment. 

We provide biofeedback therapy, manual medicine and prescribe therapeutic exercises to help strengthen your muscles, retrain your bladder, and teach you how to relax the muscles.

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Prenatal preparation will help you with a natural delivery and eliminate or delay the need for an epidural. We will train you on how to best use your natural body ability and muscles to help your baby along without injury to your body. Many times, women experience muscle tears in childbirth. Knowing your body will minimize that risk. You will know how to use your muscles to push and, more importantly, how to relax your muscles to avoid injury. Your husband can help you by learning useful information for a natural birth.

Childbirth is a physical and emotional challenge, and can result in unwanted health complications such as abdominal wall separation diastase, bowel and bladder incontinence, pelvis organ prolapse, loss of energy vitality and overall decrease in well being. With good care, these negative side-effects can be avoided.

Post natal rehabilitation is designed to assist the process of post-birth recovery and prevent complications arising from pregnancy and delivery. Mothers who had a short and easy labor will be anxious to get back to normal as quick as possible, while others who may have had a longer or more complicated labor, prefer to begin with easy restful movements and progress gradually. Each program must be tailored to the individual and after a careful in-person evaluation in order to ensure a good recovery of the pelvis, pelvic girdle joints and bones, and to restore the normal conditions and function of abdominal and pelvic floor muscle, reduce swelling, and promote regeneration of scar tissue (due to cesarean delivery, episiotomy, vacuum forceps). We help mothers achieve deep relaxation to aid with the onset of post-traumatic/post postnatal depression and extensive fatigue.

Menopause Wellness

Mature woman, happy, on the beach; menopause fitness

According to some Asian cultures, menopause is a second spring. So, don’t let common ailments such as incontinence or prolapse slow you down. Focus on your health and live your life to the fullest!

Menopause may have happened or is just around the corner. Not to worry! It’s just like you’re in your twenties only with more wisdom and experience – and, just like a classic car or good wine, better with age. We might have lived it all, experienced love, happiness, grief, and hope. We worked different jobs and fulfilled many roles: chefs, cooks, healers, drivers, goddesses – some uplifting and some less than glamorous. Through it all, we learned to keep moving forward.

Menopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life. However, menopause brings changes that affect not only the body but also our emotional and social life. After reaching reproductive maturity, the menopause process usually begins for women around age of 45. The process starts with perimenopause, a stage that precedes menopause, when the ovaries gradually begin to make less estrogen. Perimenopause can last for a few moths and up to 10 years, and it’s sometimes accompanied by irregular menstrual cycles. Menopause starts one year after the last period, and post-menopause could also last a couple of years, until the changes and symptoms completely disappear.

As a woman’s body gets closer to menopause, she can experience a series of symptoms, such as: hot flashes, wrinkles, insomnia, weight gain, intimacy issues, dryness, urinary tract infections, and constipation. As women move toward menopause and beyond, the body’s decreased production of essential hormones like estrogen and progesterone, can impact bone health, blood vessel elasticity, heart health, skin appearance, and general well being. 

Women do not need to be helpless victims to this stage of life. With proper guidance and good motivation every woman can turn these changes into an empowering and rejuvenating experience. By strengthening the body, learning muscular relaxation techniques, improving circulation, and eliminating toxins, women can reduce the level of stress both physical and emotional, and increase control naturally. The results: improved skin complexion and body aesthetics, increased energy level and zest of life, and living an empowered life.

Low pressure fitness; Tamara

Low Pressure Fitness

Know your body and work with it to naturally create good habits for long term internal organ care. We help you with exercises for improved breathing, posture, core, and visceral mobilization.

LPF is a series of breathing and postural exercises designed to tone your core stabilizing muscles by decreasing intra-abdominal pressure. Although relatively new in the U.S., hypopressive (or low pressure) exercise is used widely throughout Spain, Europe, Brazil and Canada, and it is the standard of care for postpartum in many countries, as well as being considered a part of fundamental training to help counter the forces of popular high impact sports (i.e. cross fit, running, volleyball, etc.).

LPF benefits your body by increasing muscle tone, with a positive impact on your health, performance ability, and body aesthetics. Some of the benefits you will experience are: improved breathing, better posture, sexual enhancement, waistline reduction, and pelvic floor restoration. With LPF, you will create good habits for long-term internal organ care.

Timeless Beauty and Rejuvenation

We offer beauty and aesthetic enhancements with natural and traditional solutions.. Using the latest non-invasive natural technique, we offer you the option to relax and rejuvenate your skin’s appearance and your body aesthetics. We use the latest technical innovations in laser and electrical stimulation, and other natural methods, such as lymphatic drainage, facial exercises, and triggered muscle pressopuncture to optimize your metabolic processes. Our techniques are safe, simple, and natural. It’s your must-have solution to help you fighting the effects of time. You need to be well in order to feel beautiful, and with our help, you can continue to be at your best inside and out, regardless of your age.

DM Women's Health & Healing; mother playing with family

Wellness Workshops

In addition to our therapy services, we offer many educational opportunities for you.

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