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Read some of our patients’ success stories and share yours!

I want to express my sincere appreciation for Dr. Moise’s help in my healing. She has a rare and unique gift that this world needs desperately. So many women can benefit from her talent and dedication.


I started physical therapy after my spinal cord compression surgery with nerve injury. Soon thereafter, I was introduced to Dr. Daniela Moise, who was recommended to me for other symptoms I experienced, such as urinary incontinence, muscle tightness, and ongoing pain. Through gentle stretches, manual therapy, diaphragmatic breathing exercises, and applied pressure, Dr. Moise strengthened and rehabilitated the muscles of my pelvic floor, and broke down the scar tissue. I am healthier now because I was diagnosed correctly and had a program tailored specifically to me! Dr. Moise is very knowledgeable, empathetic and looks for the most effective treatment, while also making you comfortable. She really took the time to know me and my body’s needs, and I greatly benefited from our therapy sessions!

Sheila L.

I had physical therapy with Dr. Moise for pelvic pain and incontinence, and my issue was fully resolved. My awareness, strength, and mobility were vastly improved. Dr, Moise is the best therapist I have ever work with! She has the highest rating from me. She really cares and has a lot of compassion; She was exemplary in everything she did!

Michelle K.

Dr Moise treated me for pelvic floor prolapse. She helped me get well and get back to my life without worrying about needing surgery or medication. Dr. Moise is very knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful – she is God sent. I love her – you cannot have better care than from her.

Huma K.

Dr Moise is a truly caring and nurturing person. She helped me tremendously with my health issues. In one of our sessions, my shoulder was very painful and out of alignment, and while it was not really a part of my pelvic floor treatment session, Dr. Moise saw that I was in pain and worked on my shoulder. After 10 or 15 minutes, she helped realign my shoulder and the pain was gone. I will always be grateful for Dr. Moise’s care and dedication. I already recommended her to a friend who needed a pelvic floor therapist, and she loves the therapy she is receiving. My friend can already see improvement where many months of another rehab hospital couldn’t help.

Arlene A.
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